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Retail merchants process face-to-face sales through the credit card terminal by swiping the card. This allows you to obtain lower rates on your transactions and mitigate risk by checking the customer’s picture ID to verify that the credit card belongs to the customer. Our Visa/MC debit card merchant account rates begin at 1.00% for swiped merchants, which is one of the lowest rates in the industry.

Retail merchants are both in storefront locations as well as in businesses where the merchants travel with a wireless credit card terminal. In both cases, at least 50% of your payment processing activity should involve face-to-face swiped transactions. Retail merchants also have the ability to process checks and gift cards and process PIN-based debit transactions by having your customers key in PIN-numbers.

Many consumers expect retail merchants to accept credit cards and debit cards. Contact us about our merchant accounts today! Don’t let the lack of credit card processing capabilities cause your business to fall behind!


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